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Hi, somebody help me. (transistor)

Guest rightx2

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Guest rightx2

HI im Korean

I studied electric circuit hard in "military." T-T

Since i studied this in military, there are many restrictions(no teacher, no free internet..)

So, i accumulate all questions that i had in my experiments in military.

There are no document editing program in military, so it'll be very hard to read my file.. (cuz i use notepad, capture function..)

but i tried really hard finally finish writing my question,

cuz i don't want to stop studying!!.

However, When i post file in this thread, there is kinda "restriction software" that prevent posting on the board(maybe it is for Military security..i think)

So, i look for someone who are charitable, and willing to answer my complex, chaotic(?) question through "e-mail" .

Please, if you spent a little time to read and answer my Question, i would really appreciate it!!!

if that man is you, please post your email please..

Thank you. God bless you.!!
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