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Voltage Monitor

Guest bortre

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Hello there.

I've searched through the projects and found this voltage monitor -> http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/004/index.html

It's - from my understanding - lightens up a LED once the voltage drops below a certain level, and if so this would be exactly what I'm looking for to implement into a project of mine.

However, besides reading a circuit and soldering the components accordingly I've got no clue about electronics.

So my question is, how does this need to be modified when using a 18650 LiMn battery with nominal 3.7V as a powersupply and wanting to set 3.3V as the threshold when the LED lights up?

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Are you the guy on the other website who wants to destroy the battery by lighting an LED when the voltage is low and when its load should be disconnected? For an E-cigarette?

Doesn't an E-cigarette have an LED that glows when it is used and when the LED gets dimmer and dimmer then does not light then you know that the battery needs charging?

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