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new here, any help guys? car horn question

Guest gallo 59

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Guest gallo 59

hi guys my name is reyes, new to this forum. Ive been browsing around this forum for a while now as I have an interest in electronics and have got a few ideas from here but I have a question I hope someone on here may be able to help me.

I have a 1959 chevy impala I am currently restoring. I have installed a lot of cool gadgets ive built in the car and made a lot of mechanical accessories to dress up the trunk and dash to display using 12volt actuators, motors and lights. but one project im trying to accomplish im just stuck and cant figure out how to go about accomplishing

I have 4 car horns, 4 different tones A C D F


but normally when you press the horn all 4 go off at once and cease when you let go of the horn button. but look at this video, at time marker 1:07

the order they sound is A F A C D, and blow in that order for a second each horn to make that musical "see the usa in your Chevrolet" tone.

my question is, what kind of circuit or relay can I achieve this? where at a single push of the horn will set the horns off in that sequence and end when it plays the whole melody. either at the single push of the horn or if I have to hold the horn button while its playing the melody and play over and over then stop when I let go. how is this possible? it would have to be a 12 volt setup to run off the car battery. there has to be some way, it was done with that impala in the commercial that horn was a factory option and its the A C D F electrical not air horns. any help HIGHLY appreciated, thanks in advance guys. this is the car im installing the horns in, ill will post soon the chasing lights and other little mechanical accessories ive built for it



as of today




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One way would be to acquire a Arduino board.  Then program one input (horn button) and 4 outputs signals to a relay board such as http://www.amazon.com/SunFounder-Channel-Shield-Module-Arduino/dp/B00E0NSORY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1397060045&sr=8-6&keywords=relay+for+arduino which power the speakes.  Write a pretty simple program to sound each speakers for the specified amount of time each time the input putton is pressed.    Think of this as turning on a led for about a half second then turning it off and repeating for 3 other leds, when a button is pressed.  There are plently of example of how to do that.

Once you do that you will find you can easily add another input button and play a different tune.  Then you can add a rotary selection knob and build multiple tunes.  Add addtional relays and you can flash some lights when the horn sounds.

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Hi Gallo 59, There is a very simple and economical way to make these sounds that you want, and even more if needed.

Use an NE-555 chip and a 4017 counter chip, when the horn "button" is pressed, the NE-555 would pulse (determined by R x C)
and that in turn would initiate a count pulse into the 4017 and from the outputs, say, set the timing at 2 Hz, and from the selected outputs
of the 4017, you could simply put, "off the top of my head", say a darlington transistor on each output  biased on via, a say, 6K8 resistor 1/4
watt driving the base of each of the darlington transistors, that would power a decent relay (do not forget the quench diode to de-spike the back emf off the relay coil) and perhaps, drive the relay coils off BD269, BD263 etc... Build in on some perf board or Vero board, choose good quality relays, say 500 ohms and I would suggest adding a 12 Volt zener diode to the input power supply, perhaps, being fed in via a 4.7 ohm 1/2 watt resistor, to protect the Ne555 & 4017 from spikes, Cheers, Jeff

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