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Dot matrix display pilot question


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Hi everyone !!!
I'm starting to learn c lenguage for PIC and i would like to realize one dot matrix 8x8 display with an microcontroller someone can help me ? Which is the right step to introduce this particular range argument because i want focus my study for any particular argument so I can obtain more results with less difficulties.
I don't know lenguage C for microcontroller in depth but i know any other similar lenguage like Java, Visual Basic and so ,now i'm studing one book that have this title "Pillole di MICROCONTROLLORI PIC " of Editor Company "INWARE" , you know ? 
Is 64 LED 8x8 module. 
My intention is to pilot module 8x8 led in a special PCB board realizzed myself or if is there in a market i can buy one for my experiment. 
I've seen ,in internet, one project that use any particular TTL integrated like "74HC164 SHIFT REGISTER" but is 5x24 because use one PIC16F628 from  http://www.kynix.com/Detail/1205929/PIC16F628A-I%2FML.html and three TTL driver. 
I think is interesting project but it has any problem if use any particular display because there are some TTL that are not suitable and so depend which component you use for realize acceptable result. 
Those module that you have described me are realized for experiment and i think is necessary usb port in a PC to can make any experiment while i want to realize one project with independent one power supply and all component inside a box. 
I want to realize one display like counter and pilot it with transceiver module and in a bottom of this counter i want to display one message of my choice. 
This module is very cheap and so i can use two lines module. 
I'm very interested to this argument and i've learned any possibile application and know register ,I/O pin and how i can set fosc ,pullup and so , i think is not particular difficult because are not treated expecial concept like inherits encapsulation polymorphism that are three pillars of concept OO lenguage. 
This book is associated with any application like Micro PRO editor that have library manager that import and invoke class only ability any flag in this pannel.
I've seen only any particular void method and set any register because there are already construct library and for this reason is necessary know only how work this class and method and parameter associated. 
I think is very interesting electronics industry and interesting applications but most difficult concept is how handle this informations. 
I would be very grateful if you can help me to focus any particular argument that are interested for this particular sector. 
Arey you really sure that PICKIT3 is enough for this application ? 
If you have also treaty this arguments for this particular sector i can buy one for my experiments because is very restrained cost. 
This solution i think is possible but if i want to pilots suppose 
one display with two line ten module each one i must take a lot resistor 
and also transistor to pilots them. 
I think is more difficult realize master and probably dimension of board 
increases, imagine two line of this display how many resistor i insert in my board and how many transistor ? 
If i decide to use for example this layout module 

LEDM57O_Dimensions.gif  LEDM57O_Circuit.gif

this is display specifications:
[IMG]Dot Size:
[IMG]Material: GaAsP/GaP
[IMG]Emitted Color: Orange
[IMG]Peak Wavelength: 635 nm
[IMG]Forward Voltage: 2.1 - 2.5V
Absolute Maximum Ratings
[IMG]Reverse Voltage(Vr): 5 V
[IMG]Forward Current (If): 30 mA
[IMG]Peak Forward Current (Ifp): 150 mA
[IMG]Power Dissipation (Pd): 80 mw
[IMG]Operating Temperature (Topr): -40oC to +80oC

what do you think about ? 
How i can drive it with an PIC microcontroller ?

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