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How to connect Condenser microphone with any amplifier

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Homemade MIC Amplifier Loudspeaker connection circuit

You can connect condenser MIC with any amplifier circuit as given below diagram . This circuit will work very well with any type of Audio amplifier. Use only 3-5v for condenser MIC for best result. Audio amplifier circuit need 6-24v as per amplifier specification.

Connect the positive terminal of mic with 22k resistor in series with positive supply and negative terminal of mic is directly connected to negative supply or ground. And enjoy this easy homemade MIC Loudspeaker. 

This Circuit works with any type of amplifier circuit. 

If you have no any audio amplifier then you can make an small amplifier very easily with LM386 ic. This is very popular amplifier ic and available on any electronic part store.

For more Click here


You can check for more simple circuit here circuitspedia.com





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An old condenser mic uses 48V and needs a preamp with a very high input impedance. It does nothing in your circuit.


A modern electret mic (look it up in Google) is a condenser mic with 48V stored permanently in its electret material and has a Jfet inside that has a very high input impedance. The datasheets of electret mics show that the Jfet current is about 0.5mA and needs 2V to 10V, so your circuit will not work since the current in the 47K resistor reduces the voltage and current much too low. For 2.5V across a 0.5mA electret mic and a 5V supply then the resistor must be only (5V - 2.5V)/0.5mA= 5k but the 5k resistor and any other load (your volume control) loads down the output level. I use a 10k resistor and an 8V supply. Then it feeds a preamp with a 100K input impedance.

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