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250 uufd?


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I want to re-cap an old shortwave receiver but I cannot find a 250 uufd mica capacitor. As a matter of fact I can't even find any capacitor with a uufd designation.. Is there a cross-reference for this value? This value is listed in the construction manual list of parts from an old Lafayette tube shortwave receiver.

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Capacitor conversion chart / table
- a capacitor value conversion chart or capacitor conversion table to convert
capacitor values between
picofarads (pF),
nanofarads (nF),
microfarads (µF)

Capacitor Conversion Chart
microfarads (µF)     Nanofarads (nF)     Picofarads (pF)
0.000001                       0.001              1
0.00001                         0.01                10
0.0001                           0.1                  100
0.001                            1                     1000
0.01                            10                  10000

240 pf capacitors are available on ebay



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"Micromicrofarad" or "micro-microfarad" is an obsolete unit found in some older texts and labels, contains a nonstandard metric double prefix. It is exactly equivalent to a picofarad (pF). It is abbreviated μμF, uuF, or (confusingly) "mmf", "MMF", or "MMFD".

A microfarad is 10 to the -6 so a micromicrofarad is 10 to the -12  =  picofarad

from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farad

Good luck with your radio. I  repaired lots of radios years ago. I wish I had some of the old radios I cut up for parts. I still like tubes!

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