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Intelligent power switch ESP32

Tim Swait

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I'm trying to use an ESP32 microcontroller to control a 12V diesel heater on a narrowboat. I need a high side switch driven by the ESP32 to turn it on and off. On previous similar projects I've used an IPS6021, that was easy to use, just connect the output of the microcontroller to the input of the switch via a resistor, when the output goes high the switch comes on and vice versa. However I can longer find the IPS6021 for sale (discontinued by RS components) so I instead used a BTS50085 (Datasheet) as it's high side switching, sounded similar and I could get it in a TO-220 type package. However this is turned on and off by connecting and disconnecting the input to ground. I assumed this would just mean it would work backwards from the ESP32 point of view, zero volts would be like connecting the input to ground, 3.3V volts would be like not connecting to ground, however the damn thing is on all the time, when the ESP32 is at 3.3V it's still acting like it's connected to ground. Physically disconnecting the input turns it off but nothing else will. I'm assuming there must be a way to get a 0-3.3V logic signal to switch this thing, but how?

Can anyone suggest a way I can control this from the ESP32? Or failing that can anyone suggest an alternative power switch that works like the IPS6021 but that is still available in the UK?

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