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LED Voltage

Will RC Elex

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Hi everyone, newbie here!

 Trying to find a power supply for LED backlight strips off of an LCD television.

I've stripped it down but can't see it marked clearly anywhere. 

There are 2 strips with 6 LEDs on each.

Printed on the light strips is the following: GJ-2k17 CSP-315 Pitch 109 (614x12) -v2.1 O1T38-1

RJ94V-0 E349376 HY-AI YK 1825

Attached are photos


Cheers for any help!




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White LEDs are typically 3.6 volts and 20ma each. So for the 6 LEDs you would need in the order of 21.6 volts and 20ma. You could try two 9 volt batteries as a test. You can connect two batteries head to head with the + to - connectors.

For insight on testing LED strips with batteries  see; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pK6o2DMLWQ

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