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High voltage divider circuit to run an LED?

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Good day, all 🙂
Recently, I have a system running at 62V max, 54V nominal based on voltage divider rule formula. I wanted to have a little alert LED, so I was thinking about using 10, 1kohm resistors, and adding the LED bewteen the 9th and 10th (or 1st and 2nd, if it matters), to get at most 6V and just a few mA. 
Is a better/easier way? Is this a really crappy way? Or is this a perfectly fine way? 😶

Voltage Divider Basic and Rule.pdf

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Thank you for helping 🙂

I have a bunch of 1k, 1/4W resistors, so 10 of those will work fine. I guess that 6mA at 60V is only 360mW, which might be a bit high. I could always use a lot more resistors and experiment by reducing it until I get to a suitable brightness.

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