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How to build a millivolt signal conditioning circuit with compensation?


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I want to build a miniature circuit which perform the following functions

1.Measure a voltage signal between 0-20 millivolt DC signal

2.Measure a  voltage signal between 0-24 V DC signal

3.Calculating a compensation factor as K = a Constant/voltage measured at step2

4. Multiply the compensation factor K with millivolt signal of step1

5.Transmit value got in step4 as standard 4-20Ma[500 Ohm] /RS485  signals

I want the circuit to be made on a single board with ICs [as tiny as possible].

Thank you.

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To build a millivolt signal conditioning circuit with compensation, start with an instrumentation amplifier to amplify and condition the millivolt signal. Include compensation techniques such as temperature and offset adjustments to enhance accuracy. Utilize precision resistors and a feedback network for fine-tuning. Ensure a robust design for stable performance in varying conditions.

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