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Is crossover leakage induction voltage useful in ADJACENT circuit line?

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A Power Circuit from 2008 showed high voltage line with its 5 turns coil wrapped with 7 turns coil  from the low volts line with amps. Core steel rod was not under the low volts coil as electromagnet.  There is a 90-120volts of crossover leakage induction volts transferred to 7 turns and is to increase the 12v line to about 100 volts, as  the induction is IN SERIES with the 12v. Was this actually used in 2008 to raise up the power supply 12v to 120 volts for passage of the 10 amps to load? I measured this actual 120v  RECENTLY with a new type variable/ multiple neon bulbs voltmeter on the market.  The main line load in 2008 was about 10 ohms resistance. The ground was the same for both inputs. The writer said that his circuit required 100v and 10 amps, and a high voltage IGNITION  line. What do you think? Desperate!

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