600W Audio Amplifier



The circuit is based around {LM4702} manufactured by NATIONAL semiconductors & {MJ11029-MJ11028} by ON semiconductors It is a high fidelity audio power amplifier. Designed for demanding consumer and pro-audio applications. You can also use this circuit with AV receivers, Audiophile power amps, Pro Audio High voltage industrial applications etc Amplifier output power maybe scaled by changing the supply voltage and number of output devices. The circuit includes thermal shutdown circuitry that activates when the die temperature exceeds 150°c. CIRCUIT’s mute function, when activated, mutes the input drive signal and forces the amplifier output to a quiescent state.


Maximum Output power @ 8ohms : 300watt
Absolute max power supply voltage :±38V to ±40V
Recommended power supply voltage :±30V to ±35V


  • wijerathna

    the greatest page

    5 years ago
  • rodelo s. carillo

    nice, simple, clear and a well presented schematic diagram.

    5 years ago
  • robert

    i’ll try this one, thanks

    5 years ago
    • Narciso C. Calzo

      hi rober, is the amp okey?

      5 years ago
  • victor

    just wondering do you need to use highpowerresistors? so yes which ones?

    5 years ago
  • Narciso C. Calzo


    5 years ago
  • Narciso C. Calzo

    It seems that 400uf, 400v caps is not available. Can I use 400uf, 450v or 2-200uf in parallel? Can you tell me what wattages and voltages of resistors and capacitors to adopt. especially in the output stages. Is there any downloadable PCB for this project? Where can I find 5v for the mute circuitry? Thaks.

    5 years ago
  • Rofelou Derecho

    hi guys! Could anybody tells me how much current this amp need?

    3 years ago
    • admin

      For 100W output you need a transformer that can supply 3.5-4A.

      3 years ago
  • Jan

    I want to make this is it work clearly…

    3 years ago
  • Zorg

    300W per channel with ±40V power supply and 8ohm speakers, how is it possible? 40*40/8 = 200, and we all know that real figures are way below this absolute theoretical limit.

    3 years ago
    • Radek

      Delta between -40 and +40 is 80 and not 40…

      2 years ago

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