400V – 5A Power Supply For Brushless Motor Drivers

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Although the power supply design is specific to the Brushless Servo Drivers mainly for IPM Modules, the concepts and circuit design may be used for any power supply that requires high voltage output up to 400V DC and 5 Amps. The power supply is an unregulated design with an option to allow connection to either 120V or 230V mains and also it can work with lower voltage for audio amplifiers by increasing capacitor value. The design uses a fully integrated bridge rectifier, and multiple bus capacitors for low ripple, noise suppression, and provides high current reservoirs. Additionally, the dc supply line has bleeder resistor R2 and R3 to drain the large reservoir capacitors PCB, mounted fuse holder provided for short circuit and over current protections, low ohm NTC used for inrush current at power start-up,  C1, C12, TX protects against turn on/off spikes and EMI noise reduction. This power supply can be used to drive Tesla Coils, Induction heaters, DC Motor drivers, Brushless DC motor driver.

This power supply is ideal to be used with High Voltage-Current Half Bridge Driver Using IR2153 & IGBT

Note: Two BOM provided for supply up to 120V AC and BOM 2 for supply input up to 230V AC

Additional precautions must be taken as this power supply uses lethal voltages. Build it only if you know what you are dealing with.

T1 is a common mode choke 2.2 mH/ 1.3 A with 0.24 Ohms DC resistance. Refer to mouser #851-LF2020NP-222


  • AC Supply input up to 120V AC or 230V AC, depending on R2,R3 choice (see BOM)
  • Maximum DC Output 400V DC and 5Amps.
  • 230V AC Input possible with few components value alteration
  • DC Supply Output will depend on the input supply
  • Fuse for Short circuit and over current protection
  • Fuse as per your application requirement Maximum 5Amps Fuse
  • NTC provided for inrush current
  • DC Bus has a bleeding resistor


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Could you indicate a part number or specs for T1? Does T1 provide any isolation between input and output?


where to buy it?

Fabio Arevalo

400 v dc 5 Amp brushless motor drive ,i need one only for test on direct motor drive (washing machine motor)sensorless ,do you sell on ebay?

Fabio Arevalo

can i use for 3 phase motor control?

azahar abdullah

May i know what difference Gnd and -V on circuit. Where to connect gnd actually in circuit.Thanks


please can you explain the function of C13 and why there is a Ground-Terminal on the output? because i think you cannot get energy between V+ and GND or V- and GND.

Graeme 3909

Is this board for sale?

Graeme 3909

Have you got an MOQ?

Graeme 3909

Thank you Mike,
So how much would 25 boards be and 25 kits?




This is a general question. We can’t say if we don’t know the motor type and specifications.


Good Evening,
I have purchased the BOM for this project and tested the output. I had received 170VDC at OUTPUT of V+and V-. This voltage, i calculated was from Vrms= 120VAC. and Vpeak=1.4*Vrms = 170 VDC. I know the description says output depends on input. but if i put in 230VAC into the circuit, i am predicting i will get around 330VDC. Is there anyway to receive 400V 5 AMP from 120VAC input supply. or does it need to be bumped up to get this voltage?
I tested the V out with no load, and a voltmeter


Good Evening, I have bought the supplies and made the PCB for this project, but i am only getting 170 VDC out. I am supplying 120 VAC and this makes sense as the Vrms =120 VAC, and 1.41* Vrms=Vpeak=170VDC. THis was at no load. (Tested with multimeter). How do i achieve 400V output voltage? Even if i made the 230AC supply circuit, the output would be 324.4 VDC.
Please let me know what i can do to get it to 400 V. I am looking to power multiple motors that draw high amperage.

thank you.


Hey mike, so how would I achieve 400V max, I’d the maximum input supply you have is 220V. 220Vx1.4= 308 VDC. This is not near 400V. You would need to supply more than 220 V. And that would mean that the board wouldnt be able to take that power input.

Is there anyway to get 400V put of the 120VAC board?


Christophe CHEULEU

Hello is it possible to have 5 pcs for 230Vac input? how much time does it take to get it?

Hans-Jørgen Andreasen

What type of terminal to use. Do they come with two solder PINs for each terminal or double up of solder pads on PCB as an option.

Hans-Jørgen Andreasen

Thanks, i found some, all parts gathered ready to assemble 🙂


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