USB (5V) to Dual Output +/-15V or +/-12V Step-Up DC-DC Converter

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This USB to dual output step-up DC-DC converter has been designed to be used in industrial automation control equipment, sensors, isolated operational amplifiers and test & measurement equipment that require bipolar supply voltages. The module provides +/-15V or +/-12V DC load current up-to +/-100mA. An onboard PCB solder jumper is provided to set the output voltage 15V or 12V DC. The project typically provides 75 to 82% efficiency over most of the load range. It operates with current-mode feedback at 200Khz.

The MAX743 DC-DC converter IC contains all the active circuitry needed to build small, dual-output power supplies. Relying on simple two-terminal inductors rather than a transformer, the MAX743 regulates both outputs independently to within +/-4% overall conditions of line voltage, temperature, and load current.


  • DC Input USB Power Or 5V DC
  • Output Dual 15V Or 12V DC Load Up-to +/-100mA
  • Easy to Use USB Connector
  • J1 PCB Jumper To Set 15V or 12V Output
  • Header Connector for Output
  • Efficiency 75 to 82%
  • Operation Frequency 200 kHz
  • On-Board Power LED
  • PCB Dimensions 56.37 x 19.19mm


Parts List




MAX743 Datasheet




  • Rouzier

    Thanks for this board, are you sure the inductors in the part list are the same that are in the gerber file? it looks the same mismatch with capacitors, do you confirm? if yes, what are the right reference/values of components please?

    Best regards,

    5 months ago
    • Thanks for your feedback, could you be more specific on this ?

      5 months ago

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