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  1. Hey! I would love it if somone could tell me what this is. I got some old stuff from a school and this is the only thing I don't know what it is or what it is for. Thanks a lot!
  2. They don't offer samples of passive components because theirs are no diferent than anyone elses. They give out free chips because if you use their chip in your desing there is a good chance that they will be selling a lot more chips than the few they sent you.
  3. That brush he is talking about reminds me of the fiber glass pen brushes used to spot remove the protective covering that comes on commercial boards. They can be usefull when working on somthing with small connections that has been sealed after construction. (Like a motherboard...)
  4. From that sheet it looks like a usb interface for a microcontroller... Dont know mutch more but it looks cool.. ;)
  5. Cerium


    On another forum we use "Ancient member".
  6. You should be getting ic's capable of distinguishing signal strenght at higher frequency. My analogy is if you are buying a digital camera one with a higher pixel rating will cost more. There is about the same amount of stuff in the expensive one as the cheap one. The expensive one has a biger sensor in it allowing it to see smaller things- Similar to the expensive test equiptment having sensors capable of seeing higher frequency.
  7. I was looking for all the parts and the 2n3553 transister is quite hard to get hold of. Could someone please help me find a more current transitstor that will work. Thanks again, Cerium
  8. Clicky: www.ieeta.pt/~alex/docs/ApplicationNotes/ Rectifier%20Applications%20Handbook.pdf
  9. It might be cool if it was presented in a readable way. The mouseovers took way too long to pop up. if you move your mouse it would restart. I gave up. Likely there is somting good buryed in there.
  10. They should be. You dont want vaporized lead do you? lol I have used pb-free solder. It works but does take longer to melt. It costs a lot more. I got a 1lb. roll of pb solder for like $6 and a small tube of pb-free cost $4.5 if I remember right.
  11. OK... Cool, that makes sence. Thanks a bunch. :) -Cerium
  12. Bandwidth is generaly the total ammount of data being moved where as you are talking about the speed. Bandwidth is measured in bps, kbps, mbps, gbps... They are both obveously related.
  13. So would this be correct. The resistor and capacitor in the box are the ones you specifyed.
  14. I am working on putting together this transmiter. I heard Sasi talk about removing the microphone imput for cd player use. How might I go about doing that? Thanks. ;)
  15. Just start some place like say where the power comes into the circuit. So take a wire and connect your power supply to the breadboard power rails. Then if there are any ics put them across the middle gap. Add a jumper from the power rail to the line that goes to the ic's power pin. Often the circuit diagrams will tell you the general area that things need to go. Like the flash game planarity. ;) http://www.planarity.net/ BTW-I beat level 10!
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