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  1. hi moebious if you will wire them in series you will get 18V, and then regulate it down to 5v you will only create more power loss if you will wire them in parallel, you could decrease the batteries internal resistance thus making them last a bit longer... I wpuld suggest you to wire only one battery, and if you need more Ah get some stronger battery (a 12v car battery) HTH
  2. here are two design guides that were very helpfull for me forward_converter_design_1.pdf forward_converter_design_2.pdf
  3. you could build one yourself quite easilly... what i have in mind is a sort of a relay, which when activated will move the contacts, but when deactivated there will be a tooth that will not allow it to come back... the only way to return it will be manually.... hope i was helpfull
  4. but you have to be quite good to aim at a sensor which is 200 foot away, WHILE DRIVING!! you should use the RF method... there is quite alot info on this on the web, it shouldn't be to complicated...
  5. Hi all, sorry for not replying... have been away for some time.. I am using a dual 12v seperate switching supply. one of the outputs is for the UC3843 and fan. the other is for secondary side supply. So does the usage of the seperate supply mean that i can reduce the output down to 0v and not use a resistor in parallel to draw minimum power from the supply? this will sound a bit stupid.... if a core is saturated, will turning power of discharge it, or the core is lost for good? ??? it's hard to comeby an LDO with 5A output capabillity... so i'll ommit it and use a secondary output inductor... a few things i'm not certain of... 1)is the EER42 transformer a good choice for this design? and how much current can i draw from it safly at 100Khz? 2)is the output inducter 300uH 6A value OK? 3)are the output filter capacitors 470uF 50V values OK? 4)is R3 current sesnsing resistor (0.33ohm) at current sensing pin of UC3843 value correct? i'm almost finished just a few thouchups and that's it!!!
  6. Hi all! I'm designing a switching bench PSU around the UC3482 controller. this PSU will be adjustable between 1v-30v and currnet limiting will be from 30mA to 5A. my first question is, how can current limitting be better implemented? one way is using the 'ADJUSTABLE BUFFERED REDUCTION OF CLAMP LEVEL WITH SOFTSTART' as described in figure 19 of the SG3842 datasheet. another way is using a 0.1ohm 5W resistor in series with the output and sense the voltage drop across it. the last one i can think of is a current sensing transformer, but i'm not to familiar with this solution so i would need help about it... so which way is better?
  7. thank you very much audioguru... you cleaned up all the mess with your last post
  8. well... I guess you are right... my problem is that I have nowhere to buy another transformer... the one I have right now (center tapped 24v 4.1A) was found on a sidewalk I guess I'll just build one and wait till another transformer rolls into my hands
  9. Hi to you all first i would like to say that i'm new here, and this site & forum are great! I would also like to build this PSU, but i want to make it DUAL. in order to reduce cost/dimentions i would like to know if i can share the whole area within the red line... if not, please tell me which compenents I can't share thanks! P.S. if there any more sharable components outside the red line please do tell me
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