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  1. Hi Take radio to a better location not in in vicinity of TV or computer or any device using SMPS and crystal oscillators.
  2. Hi This is rightly said to be a mutual inductance demo kit
  3. Hi HERCULES welcome BC158A cPNP transistorv an be substituted by 2n2907A taking care of the pin differences SL100 is a medium power device, and if from india, you get CL100, BEL100N otherwise, you may perhpas try BD115
  4. congrats please post a photo of the pcb assembled by you as .jpg
  5. the voltage drop across highspeed diode is more than that of a schottky diode the working voltage ,if it is less , we will be adding further voltage drop, thereby reducing the voltage to the actual load. that is why perhaps they prefer to yuse schottky device.
  6. Hi Recently I saw one circuit of steth with pizio buzzer element (two tagged) as sensing element.
  7. Hi try www.sunrom.com they offer STT and STR 433 a set . in Indian Rupees and at $ rates aswell
  8. Hi all let us honour the rules of the site and also protect the MAGs' rightseven-- afterall it will cost us few bucks prchase-- imagine a robbery inour own homes??? pity
  9. Hi even for FUn to expect reply from 25000 appox membership -- think of what are you expecting from this form with HUGE membership-- an impossible task and this site will be filled up for nothing but so called fun-- good i am also on power electronics while worked for telecom.--
  10. Hi cynicmonster welcome please download and see this pdf you will surely be enlightened www.audioprecision.com/bin/AMH-1.pdf check for psophometric weighing etc
  11. Hi Indulis i had recently visited an enrgy saving exhibition at Hyderabd, wherein M/s NMDC (national minaral development corporation), participated --which enthused me to probe their participation cause-- they have apeculiar cituation and use it to regenerate power and they gave a brouchre it is rather dificult o post it here -- but i suggest you to see their website their regd office is located at Hyderabad -India www.nmdc-india.com
  12. Hi try IR LED and Photo tranasistor on either side to sense the car passing thro breaks the light path --use thr Transistor outputs to trigger set / reset flip flop -the output could drive a relay with change over contacts to reverse the power to the motor
  13. Hi audioguru is right in saying not make CHEAP kits. in general many kits are costly perhaps due to limited volumes sold, as compared to finished products. members prestigeous fourms like e-lab.com shold comeforward to be able design and realise instead of ckd or skd assembly. Here also, as Audioguru once put it -- we will be able to assemble but not give a finishing to it with a proper cabinet or a housing. If these are done for the sake of experience(hands on ) then the extra cost is worth it as person gains practical knowledge which will be a factor to deside his/her future.
  14. Hi such nice info (thanks Hotwaterwizard) i do recollect my training days. perhaps the clock being 4MHz, even CD40 series (CMOS)can work and with llower power consumption. ofcourse the proper pin outs shold be followed. sarma
  15. PLEASE TRY THIS Color VGA Adapter Pin# Label Function 1 RED Red color signal 2 GREEN Green color signal 3 BLUE Blue color signal 4 ID2 Monitor identification bit 2 5 N.C. Not Connected 6 GND-RED Ground Red signal 7 GND-GREEN Ground Green signal 8 GND-BLUE Ground Blue signal 9 N.C. Not Connected 10 GND-SYNC Ground Sync signal 11 ID1 Monitor identification bit 1 12 ID0 Monitor identification bit 0 13 H-SYNC Horizontal Synchronization 14 V-SYNC Vertical Synchronization 15 N.C. Not connected SARMA
  16. HI FOR EXAMPLE A VGA MONITOR BY DELL HAS INDICATED IN THE SITE BELOW http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/dta/NL25/00000005.htm PLEASE TRY OUT SARMA
  17. hi the circuit shold have been shown fully instead of masking valid portions-- thus it appears deliberatein the sence, it may perhaps be a question in an exam? right!! the dual caps and ajuper near the bridge provide forchange over between two versions of incoming AC Supply -- like 110 V/60Hz of Japan, US, even canada if i am right; while 230V/50Hz in most other countries. Others Qs are to be thought over sarma
  18. Hi Covalier First convert the 6V AC to DC , filter it Then use a MC34063 ic with few other components in a boost mode to say 15V DC Have an additinal filter for reducing harmonics. 12DC is ready see the datasheet attached All the best sarma
  19. hi do you really need to substitute-- why not, if possible original 74390 or 74ls390 if need to do. make a small adopter board with berg pins at the botom to suite t4ls390 pin ot and put 2 nos 7490 on topnear to the pins and try hard wire.. -- laborious job-- sarma
  20. Hi audioguru is RIGHT the IC is quad opamp sarma ps thanks audioguru
  21. Hi please see any datashhet for LM324 it an ic with four similar circuits called comparator. each one can compare two input signals and out put a +ve voltage or a near earth depending on the comaprision. this just in plain english approximately. for datails see the datasheet at sl No 12 at http://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/datasheets/ic_analog.html sarma
  22. Hi perhaps the attenuation out side the audio band depends on the % tolerence of the components you use across the filter like the one suggested by Audioguru Try toassmble one and run a test with a set of frequencies,say , from 200Hz to 4 or 5KHz and tabulate you will know the filter behaviour. you may have the set up at any lab near to you. sarma
  23. hi Hotwaterwizard SO NICE A Resonator like to see it in 4th dimension--(i mean some one performing on it sarma
  24. hi Mic3ca whynot keep diode series to the resistor while reducing the 100k to say 1k as it is for base current limiting and the series diode can effectively block the -ve signal from RS232. ofcourse you could terminate the base with say 100K sarma
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