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  1. yeah sure, i would! but i have already have news on Staigen so i don't need one now... ;D
  2. i was kidding... please tell me you're not serious...
  3. that's weird// maybe your clock run out of battery ;D ... ehehehe...
  4. waaaaa!! :o he is alright?! Curses! i have already made a reservation at the next available flight to sweden! now i have to cancel it! ehehehe ;D :D Am just glad he is alright! please extend my regards to him if ever you call him again, SM2GXN! Thank GOD he is owkey! nice work, SM2GXN! :) Ante, pay me a visit if you'll have a vacation here, ayt!? 8)
  5. i wonder how was that possible.. ??? anyway, it workz just fine with me.. 8)
  6. Uploading seems to be working better now, though it takes a great deal of patience... look at the timestamps of the three upload tests i made, the were at least 30 minutes apart.. well, i think it has something to do with the internet connection speed i am using.. my first trial was a 25MB file but i really ran out of patience >:( and started with a smaller one, 10MB.. i didn't see any error message with the 25 but i think it might have worked if i were a lil' more patient... ::) can somebody please try uploading 15MB up.. am spending a lot of time here at the internet cafe.. i dont have any extra money.. i have to go now... 8) ciao!
  7. can you blame me for not knowing anything about Sweden? im stuck here.. do you know anything bout Philippines?! ;D It's too bad that it wasn't our Stig.. how's it going with the letter, SM2GXN? you live in the same country, i think it won't take long for you letter to arrive there.. any reply?! thanks 8)
  8. Hi Ante! ;D you have stopped uploading things?! does that mean we won't have more eBooks here? maybe you can use rapidshare again.. just for the mean time that there is a difficulty uploading things here.. 8)
  9. am just glad that i didn't ask something like that for a present on my graduation.. it used to be in my wishlist... ehehe
  10. hi am sorry, i don't know the language. swedish? and am not familiar with the country. what does that exactly tell us? that the Stig Andersson that sings jazz doens't live in timmersdala.. so, he is not our Staigen? correct?
  11. From this post he made on his sixtieth bday, we can tell that he is quite into music.. does anybody know where seffle jazz club is? does it even make sense thinking of the possiblity tha Staigen might be act ually performing there? i am finding difficulty translating the page thus i dont know where it is.. has anyone tried the number posted there? i'd love to try it, but an international call would cost lotsa $$$ which i dnt have.. again, it's +46 533 157 93
  12. waaaaa!! does Staigen sing? jazz specifically? take a look at this http://www.swedejazz.se/club.html his name is listed under the Seffle Jazz Club (http://www.sefflejazzclub.com/) with a phone number... i know.. i know.. there's probably a hundred people in Sweden with name like that.. but it's only a phone call.. worth to try, right?!
  13. I just snail mailed him earlier.. according to ther clerk i talked to, it would take AT LEAST two weekS to get there.. :o how's it going with a phone number?
  14. With the way ringdoctor is nodding in agreement, there's absolutely no doubt about that! ;D
  15. do you have particular IC in mind?! in looking for datasheets, use www.datasheetarchive.com or www.alldatasheet.com
  16. good day my prince ;D i really don't know a lot about those branches but if i were you, i'd choose... ECE! Communications is very important these days.. Don't you have some kind of a career guidance at your school?!
  17. ::) MIT stands for..... "Mission Impossible Team"? 8) ehehe
  18. am concerned too.. his Hotmail is no longer active since they have a policy about deactivating an account if the user failed to login for at least a week (i guess) SM2GXN, had already sent me his postal ad, i'll send him a snail mail, maybe tomorrow.. that would be a very good idea..
  19. pardon me sir, ;D i dont know what made me think you are a Filipino..
  20. hi amplify! ;D hmm.. visit the projects section of eLab.. am sure you'll find something there.. uhh, where are you from?!
  21. waw! thanks for the additional blocked names.. and for the explanation... i learn someting everyday! thanks! 8)
  22. thanks audioguru.. 8) thanks for the correction.. ato all those who wants to make a correction, please.. they are very much welcome.. ;D
  23. That is because thats what happened to me.. the only electronic projects i made during my 4-yr stay in college were a soldering iron, an AM radio (assembled from a Kit complete with PCB with holes drilled already), an amplifier (also assembled), an AC/Dc converter (still from a kit) and one 200W baffles, and my Electronic Item Finder as the last.. amongst those, ONLY the EIF didn't work but that was athe project which taught me a lot.. ... and that is because, i myself made it from scratch (except for the schematic) so jack, i wish you luck with all your projects and yes.. "extensively" is a very appropriate word..
  24. jack, why not just create a new folder, label it with your desired name and move the old folder's contents to your new one.. ehehe.. ::) i think Kasamiko already solved your problem.. ;D Just a trivia about folders.. :) have you seen a folder named "con"? try making yourself one, what do you get? anybody knows why? 8)
  25. it took us the whole Academic Year 2005-2006 to make this study.. and with the help of a lot of people especially audioguru, we were able to have the final manuscript printed and hard-bounded.. it took me some three months to have the courage to upload it here at eLab.. Anyway, i just want to share it here because, again, without eLab, i would have never come up with something like this.. ;) thanks again.. ;D i am so grateful.. BTW, my work is open to criticisms.. you'll do me a great favor if you correct the mistakes i made in explaining some things in there.. 8) EIFv1.0.pdf EIFv2.0.pdf
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