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  1. hi balong! so, you already have the circuit? was it a schematic in JPEG or PNG file? all you have to do is attach the file to your post.. see the "additional options" below below the message box where we compose our posts? click that. then "attach" would appear.. enter the location of you file or locate it yourself by clicking "browse" (example C:\Documents and Settings\balong\My Documents\Electrocautery.jpg) then POST!;D hope this helps.. ;)
  2. hi electros! how are you doing with your grad proj? http://www.bobblick.com/techref/projects/ledsign/ledsign.html this link seems to be somewhat related to what hotwaterwizard suggested.. you might want to have a look at it.. do
  3. hi Mukhalled! from http://www.pcmech.com/show/multimedia/738/:
  4. unfortunately ;D, i didn't got drunk yesterday because i was busy preparing everything... and i still have to drive (motorcycle) home some of my friends.. the rest just spent the night on my friend's house.. we had a great time.. there were 2 left-over bottles of brandy, and we have decided to continue my bday celebration today but i said i have to pass since it's my lil' bros graduation and im the photographer.. school's almost over and next week we'll have the HOLY WEEK celebration so the rest of my friends that studies in MANILA we'll be home.. we miss hanging out with each other so we are planning to have a big get-together.. another 'excuse' to drink! ehehehe.. 8) wishes that came true? NONE!! i think i have to buy them myself.. so i better start finding a good job... :-\ i still want to study though.. maybe, if my sched is not tight, i can do them both..
  5. i'll see if i can come up with something.. 8)
  6. nice links! very helpful.. thanks, SM2GXN! ;D 8) uhmm.. this might sound stupid (it is! :P) since the subject says its an online book, but im wondering if it comes in PDF.. ;D thanks again..
  7. waaaaaaaa!!!!!!! thanks!! nothing much have happened today.. it's a typical day for me.. maybe tonight, we'll have a little party at my friend's place.. LESS FOOD, MORE BEERS ;D the only present i got was a cellphone.. my mother gave it to me.. a flash drive, a 40G hard drive, an mp3, a digital multitester are on top of my wishlist.. anyone interested to be my fairy godmother? ehehehe :D thanks again to both of you.. BTW, audioguru, my graduation? i owe a lot of it to you.. thanks for all the help.. also to you Staigen and the rest of the eLab peeps.. ;) i have to attend mass.. thanks again..
  8. i think faceplant can answer that question. faceplant, where'd you get that formula?
  9. one day, i needed my desoldering pump. unfortunately, somebody borrowed it.. know whut i did? i took a ballpen case ( the hollow, cylindrical one) and blew \on the melted soldering iron.. it's the opposite how a desoldering iron works.. but it is still effective.. plus, it didn't cost me a single centavo.. 8) ;D
  10. well.. uhmm.. i'm not really an expert or nothing closer to that rank.. but i'll give a little explanation the way I see it.. faceplant, you are wondering why there are two formulas differently written apart from the other when they just yield to the same result.. uhmm.. i guess, it's simply because is problem solving, there are different elements/values given in determining the unknown.. it's like one problem gives the values for the current, number of turns, and length without mentioning anything about permeability and area.. so in this situation, naturally, we will use the formula most convenient to solve for inductance.. do you get what i mean? i'm sorry, if i misunderstood what you are trying to say here and if my explanation is a bit or totally off-track.. i'm not that good and i still have a hang-over and sleepless.. Staigen! anybody! HELP!! ;D was i correct? ???
  11. ehehe.. yeah, and here i am, making a reply.. ;D ;D
  12. he's still a newbie. see his stats? only two posts made. the first one is the one here and the other is the new topic he started.. i was also lost the first time i've been here.. it takes time to figure out how things work here in the forum.. 8)
  13. Raspberry made a mistake writing his inquiry under a different topic.. however, he made a separate, new topic about his problem with his TV.. here it is.. http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=6304.from1143691146;topicseen#msg38625
  14. ahh... so that's what they are for... thanks :) for the explanation, both of you.. 8)
  15. Hi premece! i know how frustrating it can be when it seems that you can't do anything to get yourself out of a very tight situation. i've been there a lot of times.. keep your cool! 8) Get a grip! the experts here need you to help them help you.. you should first make 'something' post it here and they'll have a look at it and see if they can improve, fix, explain or criticize it! We do not tolerate trashtalkers here.. please observe proper conduct.. Thank you.. someone needs an apology!
  16. huh!?! i never knew that! :) and i definitely haven't seen one.. so, they are just simply, JUMPERS! duh?! why would anyone want to manufacture them? what is their importance?
  17. your description fits that of a CD4013 CMOS IC. it has 14 pins.. it is a CMOS IC.. and it is D-type flip-flop.. download the datasheet at www.alldatasheet.com or datasheetarchive.com hope this helps.. ;D 8)
  18. BS Electronics Technology is a 4-yr ladderized course.. i'm a degree holder now, that's all that matters to me.. ;D 8)
  19. http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/se-inoue/e_eagle.htm there! i found it ;) and gogo posted a tutorial in PDF.. here, help yourself.. ;D http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5823.msg37153#msg37153
  20. thanks Ante! but i won't be attending my graduation program.. it's a waste of time.. it'll be a University graduation, meaning, every college in the university will have its graduation on the same date and venue.. i hate being with too many people.. ehehe..
  21. i dunno if i understand what you really want us to help you with but i think eagle is a good software for converting schematics to PCB layouts.. i am still trying to learn eagle.. i think it was Kasamiko who gave me the link to the Eagle Tutorial.. it's somewhere here on the forum.. hope this helps.. 8)
  22. HUH?! WHAT are you trying to say?! THAT I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TV's?! HAH?! IS THAT IT?! >:( :'( well, you're right! :D ;D hehehe ;D i'm just kidding, Ante! :P i still need to learn a lot (though my graduation is only 3days from now).. i forgot (that is if i ever learned them) even the basics.. it's really helpful if we spent a lot of our "lecture" in laboratory works.. i actually learned more doing my thesis than my whole 3 years listening to reports and studying for exams!! my stay here in eLab is also a great way to learn more.. discussions here are very interesting! ;D 8)
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