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  1. Power Strip with USB, Surge Protector Smart 3 Outlet and 4 USB Port Charger with 5ft Extension Power Cord 1250W 100-240V



    I worked with a power supply that was 900 amperes and 8 volts; this would not work for that B)

  2. Hello,

    I would think few of us would know anything about mig welders. I gather you want to hot switch the current from the mains

    to the welder. What current does your welder draw would be a start. You may need a high current relay to do the switching.

    Like? https://www.grainger.com/product/5ZH38?cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166591437759!!!g!81032003877!&ef_id=WqqIQwAAAacd4m57:20180315145043:s

    It's rated "AC contract rating - relay: 25 amperes at 240 volts ac." You need a relay rated higher than it draws off the mains because of the inductive load - I gather the mig welders have a transformer at the input like an arc welder?



  3. I gather if you want 1.8 volts out you buy the LP3853ET-1.8/NOPB
    and if you want say 2.5 volts you buy the the LP3853ET-2.5/NOPB chip
    and so forth. They must define the input voltages for each somewhere?

    What do you mean by "Can I use LP3856 here ?" ?   What is your application?



  4. Hello,  I will look at what maybe needed. I am thinking a pair of 555 timers (better but more expensive are the mc1455p timer clock chips). One for the 5 second delay which triggers the second one for the 1 minute on delay. The second one feeds a divide by 5 counter chip for the 5 minutes.  

    For the photo cell perhaps a photo transistor. I just finished a circuit that  uses a infrared television sensor to trigger a 555 chip via the television remote. 

    You may want a breadboard and a few jumper leads. Also if you do not have any electronics instruments look for a simple logic probe circuit on the internet; it will use a led as an indicator that the timers are pulsing. It can be fabricated on one end of the breadboard.

    Then the devil is in the details.  Perhaps we can con audioguru into helping with them; he is quite knowable.;)

     On second thought one could build  LEDs into the circuit so no logic probe would be  necessary.


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