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  1. yes you are right! zbb. The problem is the same here in India as well.
  2. hello Arklite! your on off switch is excellent! i have a 0-350volt 0-0.25A dc variable power supply and i want to use this circuit there as a load switch with a soft touch. but the problem is that i am getting no such relays which can switch 350volts dc. plz help.
  3. plz clarify if we keep the value of C6 at moderately small measure than on the voltage regulating opamp, would the current regulator work satisfactorily?
  4. but what do you think about this one? Its one of the articles from the Radio Electronics magazine march 1990. Its called the universal lab power supply and it is lm317 based design having current control as well.
  5. I have a question. In your particular circuit the maximum voltage is 33V (and including the -ve rail it is 34.3 volts). So will a CA3140 opamp work well as the max voltage stays within its limits. Actually a MC34071 is not available in my locality. I will be eagerly awaiting your kind counsel.
  6. pls help me in the following way: 1) plz provide me the link which will lead me to the desired power supply output circuit. 2) i didn't get what fT's mean. i suppose it refers to transition frequency. 3) i have not calculated the values in the past so do help in doing calculations too. thanks for your continued support in the past and hope to receive the same in future.
  7. how do you determine the value of the compensating caps?? i mean i want to know the formula
  8. hello audioguru! i am a newbie in electronics. i want to know that why the opamps like CA3140, CA3240 etc do not work at all in this circuit though they are capable of operating with single supply. i know they have a max operating voltage of only 36 volts but still if i require a low o/p voltage from the supply, the circuit does'nt work at all with these opamps.
  9. Hello! MAntunes then you won't get 30V DC @ 3A at the output.
  10. everybody needs to see the mirror once in a while to keep one self grounded.
  11. Hello Jegues! the latest schematic posted here would prove to be too complicated for you as you would not be able to detect any flaw in its working as i can make out that you are still a beginner in this field. i would rather suggest you to try certain basic level circuits using LM723. That is all time proven chip to start with.
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