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  1. Although LM317 is an adjustable regulator, it is sometimes preferred for high-precision fixed voltage applications instead of the similar LM78xx devices because the LM317 is designed with superior output tolerances
  2. I also got a project where i have to design a 15V to 5V buck converter using a SG3524,IR2117 and an IRF540. All i need is a schematic diagram
  3. There are such PCB surface finishes as electroless nickel immersion gold or ENIG, immersion silver, organic solderability protectants (OSP), and a special Pb-free brand of HASL mostly used in ASIA to do Pb-free assembly
  4. Personally I like the Powermonkey portable charger since it can not only charge an iPod but most cell phones, PDAs, PSPs and rechargeable digital cameras
  5. TV manufacturer Samsung recently announced that it will be including automatic conversion software - TriDef, developed by DDD - in all of its new 3DTV sets
  6. I have a pcb for a robot and I have added some extra parts on it for some purpose. I am new to elctronics and I dont know how and where to ground. On the pcb a hole for ground is given and I connected all the grounding wires of different ICs to it. I dont know that from here, where to connect the ground wire and how
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