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  1. If Aqmas want to use mje3055, he could put 5 or more mje3055 in parallel ;)
  2. Can 2N3055 be replaced with 2N3773 as it was mentioned in other forum? datasheet: http://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets2/b/0f582lg1l7hqtexofow7tsggc5cy.pdf
  3. It can be used to connect two computers or to transfer data from mobile phone to PC and vice versa.
  4. Hi again ;D Is that normal that R2 get hot ~60
  5. I built mine based on this scheme: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=261.0;id=1708;image I used IRF530.
  6. Im using that driver posted on 2nd page. I have 25k pots instead of 10k. :P PS. That ignition coil is from this car:
  7. Here are some more pictures: [img width=680 height=510] I think this ignition coil is from old car.
  8. Here is little better picture of that ignition coil:
  9. Hi! Here is my ignition coil There si little more tham 1cm space between wires. I need to fix that driver, because I didnt have samo parts like on scheme. Sorry for bad quality :P I have captured this images from video recorded on my mobile phone.
  10. That was it, thanks ;D It was cold joint at D1 :-[
  11. Hi I have checked C3 and it is not shorted, yes I have 4 rectifier diodes. My D5 is also installed corectly. Transformers terminal #2 is not grounded.
  12. that colored ring is pointing to ground (0V) ??? Here are some more measurments on -5.6V elements: Ud5=266mV Ur2=0V Ud6=420mV Ur3=5mV Ur14=-220mV (common of instrument was on Q1 base) Uc2=40V (common of instrument was on negative of cap.) Uc3=650mV (common of instrument was on negative of cap.)
  13. I have desoldered -5.6V elements and measured them, but they are working properly. Im not sure for D7 zener, because I don't know how to measure reverse voltage (5.6V).
  14. Is it possible that that was caused because that short circuit? Elements on -5.6V are D5, D6, D7, C3, R3, R14?
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