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  1. :)when i made the printed circuit for the colliodal silver generator i found i missed a few tracks so i drilled a few holes for rest of the resister legs and i had to cut a track and re route it with tinned coper wire . here is the bottom view of the constant curent adaptor which i think can allso be used at the output of the zapper circuit for colliodal silver makeing, the printed circuit i made from the discontinued circuit i found on the net
  2. :)here is the bottom view of the colliodal silver generator circuit
  3. :)here is the constant curent adaptor circuit top view
  4. :)the small red led i solderd in is where an optional 50ma meter goes but this may not be needed , as the constant curent adaptor is attached to the outputs
  5. :)here is the top view of the colliodal silver generator . printed circuit i made
  6. :)the circuit here is a redraw of bruce k stenulsons pulsed dc generator which is used for a colliodal silver generator and allso can be used as a parasite zapper.thats the circuit on the right. the circuit on the left is a constant current adaptor for a silver pulsor circuit , which is allso a colliodal silver generator, this constant current adaptor circuit is discontinued but i decided to use it for the coliodal silver generator . now the silver particle biuldup in the water decreases the waters resistance and when that happens if i got it right . more current will flow but when it reaches a piont the led comes on , and with a simple light deactivated circuit added to this the whole colliodal silver generator circuit can turn off automatically when that led comes on to simiulate a lower resistance made water i put a low resistance metal object between the electrode outputs and the led comes on .
  7. any testor that uses a pc or any ports wouldent be to reliable , if ya pc crashes. its no good to ya. if ya get any viruses then the readings ya get may be no good and the amount of problems ya get with pcs these days . even if ya get a power blackout when ya in the middle of useing a pc to test any components is not to good. so battery operated carry any where testers is the way to go
  8. :)intresting, i use a thin low tempiture soldering iron and low tempiture melting piont thin solder wire to go with it and here i have a small tin of soldering iron tip tinner that cleans and tins the soldering iron tip , the idea of the low tempiture soldering iron is so that the heat aint to hot as to damage any components even if ya dont have a heatsink clip to clip onto the component legs to obsorb excess heat, there are some soldering wire that reqiures a higher tempiture to melt and if thats the case a heatsink clip will be handy to stop any heat damage to the part
  9. :)a super conductor isent that suposed to be zero ohms , and i supose if ya take a resister out ya have no ohms at all so hence the zero ohms hmm ill leave that to audio guru, him exspert in the electronics feild
  10. :)have you tried dicksmiths electronics and altronics , if ya in perth ereas i have a draw full of transformers that may meet ya needs .
  11. anytime . the more testers ya have the easyer it is to repair circuits and find faults .more to come latter
  12. :)audio guru thats the idea of science and exsperimentation, to get results gee i dont think kagaroos would be like a parasite especially with the damage they do when they hit ya car on the road it can be massive damage and dangerous to so a zapper about the size of a power station would be what ya need then in that case , for mossies they have electronic mossie repellers out that put out some emf thing to repelll them
  13. :) here is the drawing to show how i got it all into the home made pvc circuit box, the positive and negative input terminals are at the back and so is the on and off switch and allso the orange input power led
  14. :)dispite the circiut which uses 2x 9 volts batteries in sieries for the 18 volts input , im useing a 12 volts lead acid cell rechargeble battery, not the types from ya car , and its working great , i tried to adjust the trim pot to the axact position as like on the prototype version that i made from the circuit i collected off the net as posted , and it seems to be ok , youll know when its doing something just place the coper pipe electrodes a few inchers apart say on ya leg just dapen the erea so it conducts better and youll feel the tingling but when you hold the pipes in ya hands you wont feel it then which is ok as you have less resistance which i think may be ok if ya want better penetration , the trim pot you can adjust to get that tingling sensation down if ya zapping a small erea , it sure seems to clean ya system out ok as a trip to the loo seems to feel like it , when ya sure ya tanks was on empty, the coper pipes electrodes for holding i got larger ones from the local hardeware and sanded them clean and drilled 1 hole near each end of each pipe , you can drill 2 near each other but i did one and the wire i stripped and coated the bare ends and inserted through each hole on each pipe and solderd them in position and with a peace of fat heatshrink tube , cut off a peace and slip it over the solderd wire, solderd to the pipe and heat it till it shrinks tight , then seal the hole with anything like tape or whatever you use dont make it a permanent seal in case the wire breaks off and ya need to resolder it . then at the top you will need a peace of flattened pvc pipe cut to a square and trace the round end of the pipe , with it then cut it out and glue it to the end so that will keep any air out , this whole zapper circuit im sure could be used as a colliodal silver generator to but i just dont have any pure silver electrodes around to try it just yet , ill post the finished project soon
  15. :)heres the printed circuit versdion of the circuit in reply number #17
  16. if the pvc is thin enougth you can heat it to soften it easy by holding it over the stove before you stomp on it to flatten it out . if its thicker put it inot a large enougth oven and heat it up till its soft then take it out and clamp it between 2 large flatt peaces of wooden board tro flatten it out , nice picture there and you have plenty pvc pipes to make some great circuit boxes, all you need now is the plastic corner moulding to make the frame with and a drill and screws and some no more gaps white colourd sealant to fill in the gaps so the circuit box will look like a one peace box and this will keep out any water and mioster to
  17. i wonder if kirlien photography be like that or not as it uses high voltage to, ive got the plans to make that to
  18. :)sounds like you want to contain a plasma in a magnetic bottle, are you trying to make a star trek plasma canon ?
  19. :)yea cheers to the electronics lab crew hip hip horay hipp hip horay
  20. :)hello rojojb you made the 20,000 memeber mark, cheers to electronics lab this site will grow and someday be the biggest and best electronics site on the net
  21. :)ive been keeping track of the growing membership still and we are getting there and i predict that microsft will pay big bucks for this site and the the guys behind this site will walk away a millionare to , ha ha ha
  22. looks like ya biuldinga listening circuit like i did with audio gurus help. i had no luck with that 1458 circuit ya biulding but i did with the 741 alone you can see them all in the forums under big ear or super snooper circuit help reqest, somewhere
  23. i use a relay indicater flasher unit for my version scr tester, in the high voltage stuff section and mine dosent have an ic it has electrolytic capacitor and transister in it no ic at all
  24. and very easy to make to and allso other things for holding other parts to ,
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