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  1. :)no i think in the high voltage stuff section or the other forums ive collected a few before and added them somewhere
  2. some of the stunguns circuits may be what you need and they are cheap and easy to biuld the dazer circuit would be close to what you want but it runs off 9 volts and puts out 2000 volts
  3. :)ive been makeing mic preamplifiers for super listening and the latest i posted to the topic super snooper circuit help reqest is a good one and audio guru he is really helpfull in this as he i think is an exspert in that feild
  4. :)what are those large hevey transformers in the ups as i scored one its a smart ups system and ive now got 2 large transformers i got from a total of 2 ups now
  5. :)extend the coil ends and wrap it around a peace of alliuminium a large heatsink , or run the coil ends into some coolant like that used in ya radiator of your car
  6. :)you may find something here http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5979.from1143820174;topicseen#msg38730
  7. :)hmmm i used to use the tiny plug type earphones for a microphone back in the seventies and your voice comes out on the tape recorder like your talking from a radio and allso useing a speaker as a microphone to makes your vioce come out different again, ive tried all this in me younger days and it was intresting . how such things like that did nearly the same work as a microphone
  8. hmm the ac dc feild detecter in the high voltage stuff section detects voltage to and all you have to do is wave the ereal near it and it will respond thats how simple mine is
  9. ewlectronics lab is the best site on the net it has some great humour to
  10. :)audiou guru is a major doctor in electronics , his skills and the way he can diagnose a circuit by looking at it and exsplain all the functions and technicle details like that makes me envey him, i wish i can do that he is brilliant like others can be . he is an asset to electronics lab , and id love to shake his hand and lern from him he would make a good teacher, in electronics .
  11. :)the capacitor may be for the timeing i think so leave it
  12. :)all unused gates go to ground normally , as for the transister well im not sure but if its apart of the circuit then leave it there in case
  13. :)staigen i found these on the net so i just posted them here
  14. :)cant help you there but go to carl williams robotics site thats pritty intresting
  15. :)more easyer to just buy a telephone pickup and stick it on the back of the phone and to record just plug the other end into a tape recorder
  16. :)the leg positions of the irfp460 mosfet are the same irfp460a.pdf
  17. :)like the led the transistor was rumoured to be the results of reverse engineering from a crashed ufo in 1947 and all those years they spent in reverse engineering what they found in the crashed alien craft , the transistor was said to orinate from that
  18. :)4081 ic i dont know about the use of that ic ive not used it yet have you seen my 10 led light chasser yet in the forums somewhere it has a 4011 i think it was and 4017 ic and there was one i once biult that uses a timer and decade counter , the way you have it i cant give you any ideas on that as im not much of a technicle exsplanations type but audio guru and ante are they are good at the technicle exsplanations , but if you have a bread board you can try on that and the data on the chip you use if you find any will be helpfull . remember the decade counter can do ten leds hence the name decade counter, thats the 4017. pin 5 and 15 i think are the resett pins most of the other pins are outputs
  19. heres another picture of the parralell ignition coil setup with a bit of artwork on it useing a paper punch and black insulation tape
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