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  1. :D the fairchild photo transister responds to infrared rays very well as i found out when i experimented with the light activated relay circuit, useing the transister and , i used it to test the infrared remote for tvs and videos, and i even used this setup for a infrared remote controll plasma tube exsperiment. useing that fast switching relay that responds really fast to the incomeing infrared pulses from the remote , of the video and tv.
  2. : :) from steven i think this may help yous
  3. hey guys im intrested in this stuff to you will find some intresting stuff relateing to this in the j naudin site,on the net allso look up browns gas and you would allso find the aqua feul generator and the bingo feul generator in the j naudin webbsite intresting . to
  4. ;)reply to audio guru, thanks audio guru, ill add this circuit to my collection of thousands of circuits.
  5. :) reply to ante thanks ante these transistors. i dont know if our closest electronics store has them but ill check it out in a few days when i catch a train into the city to get some parts.
  6. :)re audio guru, these ideas could be ok to exsperiment with thanks audio guru ,i dont think i have the circuits for a white niose generator do you.
  7. re ante thanks ante i hope the mje182 transister isent to hard to find here, so ill see if anybody sells it. if all else fails is there another one that can be used,
  8. :)re audio guru the scalar beamer runs off a 9 volts battery but i am planing to try it useing high voltage and intergrate a few ideas into it.
  9. :)re audio guru i wouldent try useing an improvised movement trigerd switch modified, to act as a water level indicator, in any feul tank , as feul tanks have there own sender unit. i play it safe
  10. :) dose anyone know the replacement for the d40d5 transistor used for the pocket painfeild generator pocketpainfieldgenerator.pdf
  11. :) audio guru i was refefring to the wire wound potentiometer or rheostat used in the whole shebqang setup as desribed on the net for the bendi scalar beamer, this part i dont have but do you think a normal potentiometer will do if i dont have a wire wound type, or is it criticle that it has to be a wire wound rheostat.
  12. :) re ante yes its amazeing what you can do when you improvise like macgyver.
  13. :) reply to audio guru, audio guru im looking into this scalar beamer stuff and from what i can find out , it sounds abit like or simliar to the painfeild generater or pocket painfeild generater. and allso if this thin scalar beam can be felt, then ive got a few wild ideas to try it with. see what i find. im abit concernd about the wire wound rheostate or what ever it was, that needs to be used, i dont have any in my massave parts arsenel up stairs so surely there is an alternative that can be used , and im thinking of useing round ceramic magnetron magnets from microwave oven magnetrons to, and see what happens ,
  14. :) :)from steven, ive been doing a bit of ideal thinking and the movement triggerd switch can be modified to use as a water level sensor to, by sticking a thin plastic stick to the rubbing block under the swinging pionts arm and attach a float to the botom of it and when the water level rise the top of the contact arm contacts the points arm body and sets the buzzer off, if you want it to sound when the water level is low just sand the insulation off the bottom points body electrode so it will contact and conduct and insulate the top section that i use to close the circuit. with you can use a relay to switch the pump off if its used to fill a water tank.
  15. :D ante im not very good with zip file useage but i cante seem to get it opend.
  16. :D ill try it ante to see if i can view this zip file thanks
  17. reply to audio guru theres nothing there the 500kv zip i clicked on it to open, and i waited untill the coputer said its done but theres nothing there., i miss out i geus ante s high voltage stuff.
  18. : reply to harsh thanks harsh ive allready got these details, i was just wondering if any body else has tried it and what effects they got from it.
  19. reply to hotwater wizard, sorry for the delay thankyou hotwater wizard this was realy handy the information you gave me.
  20. :)from steven i failed to put down another experiment i tried when useing the flyback driver to power a lifter. i had 2 out of ten or 12 strong ceramic magnets from microwave oven magnetron units now i just decided to sit 2 magnets stuck together under the lifter. and dureing adjustments the lifter did rock backwards and forwards, allso the wire runing to the lifter was still being sucked down to the table top , and the seaseme seed, well you know.
  21. :) has anyone tried the bendi scalar beamer exsperiment, id like to know what results they got, im planing to biuld one to test. i did try one but useing different magnets and wound differently than the winding on the magnets of the bendi scalar beamer. and the only thing ive noticed was this lovely relaxing sensation inside my head like my brains was being stimiulated, as if was nearing a trance like state. while awake.
  22. :D from steven, well ive got to try an exsperiment with one of my many flyback drivers. starting with the multi flyback driver unit with 2 flyback transformers in it and a rotary switch to sellect iether one of the 2 flyback transformers, anyhow i biult a lifter to try out , but i think the gauge wire was a little to thick but the wire sure pulls flatt to the table and a tiny seaseme seed from a hamburger bun, was being pushed away from the wire and pulled back to near it when i was makeing adjustments, this could be the begining of a new lifter bun, if thats all i can get from a tiny seed and not the lifter. it seems the seed was more efected than the lifter, from the high voltage flowing through the wires. ill try thinner wire and may even try a smaller lifter, im biulding another smaller lifter to try but its the size of an american silver dollar, the seaseme see :Dd that was being effected was allready on the table it just happend to be where i had wires runing through along the top of the table.
  23. :)reply to ante and audio guru that was a classic bit of humour there throwing parts at enemies, i couldent stop laugthing ante good one , audio guru yes in australia here down under upside down here , fords are still around and so are distribiutor pionts and the round igntion coils to , and we do have rust buckets to , many like the american fords and for the holdens , many like them and some dont care about them anymore, as for electronic parts well the pionts and the coil ,and the indicater flasher unit as shown in my posting of the scr tester, are about the only usefull parts, and maybe a few other bits, you can improvise with,
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