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  1. Hi John, An orange power led often means
  2. This is true only under certain load conditions, not without or with light loads!
  3. If you tell us the make and model maybe someone got a schematic or a manual for your monitor! Also a picture of the PCB with the remains might help!
  4. Just browse through some op-amp datasheets and you will get plenty of ideas!
  5. I know what you mean; I made my first PCB in the early seventies. Keep up the good work! ;D
  6. ISD 1416 / 1420 for 16 or 20 seconds and the ISD 2560 / 2590 for 60 or 90 seconds!
  7. Well, you are doing a nice and tidy layout the hard way then! ;D
  8. Hi subumann, That looks just great! I have to ask; do you plan the layout for the board on paper or do you have some software to do the work? Good work! ;)
  9. Hi Steve, Yes, I believe you should use an amplifier and a lower value for the resistor. You might also get away with using a smaller input voltage for the A/D (fewer bits) and still be able to sense the current with enough accuracy.
  10. Hi Guys, From what I have seen; a single phase motor with a starting cap on the side is actually a 3-phase motor able to run on a single phase by means of this cap!? In that case it should be possible to run the motor from a three-phase frequency converter if the cap is removed and the jumpers are altered in the junktionbox; this will probably increase the efficiency and torque. but I might be wrong.
  11. Wow, I certainly did not expect this for a part not produced for more than a decade! :o Good job John!
  12. ante

    very simple PS

    Ok AG, great I like to see who I'm talking to you know! ;D
  13. Hi Steve, The current sensing could be kept simple by using a low value resistor in series with the pump motor wiring. Some experimenting will reveal suitable threshold values (voltage drop) where to switch the pumps off and on. You probably need to make some delays (analogue or digital) for start currents and any other extreme condition that might occur. The shunt resistor value can be calculated from the motor current and the voltage your A/D converter can work with (don
  14. The ZN414Z and the ZN416E has been obsolete since at least the early nineties! You will be very lucky to find one of those! I believe the only chance you
  15. Hi fuz, If you bypass it there is no filtering of the power but if the power source is
  16. ante

    very simple PS

    Hi walid, Of curse, the schematic you posted indicates a
  17. ante

    very simple PS

    Hi Guys, Perhaps it should be mentioned that the forward drop is actually 0.8V at 200mA (like in this app) and increasing to 1.1Volts at 1A. AG; What happened to $crooge?
  18. Hi fuz, I believe that is the power input filter you are referring to? It is actually two parallel inductors with a common core. Perhaps this type might be used for signal inputs too. Parts from EPCOS shouldn
  19. Hi Steve, I think we need to know more details to give you a more precise circuit. From what you give us I would sense the decreasing current to switch over to the second pump and if required even shut the second one down when it runs dry.
  20. Hi John, I suppose the problem is the projector is missing one color? Are the tubes leaking?
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