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  1. Mrtrhs, What have you got so far? Ante ::)
  2. Greg, I just found the PDF file you submitted, I just had the schematic up untill now. This confirms some of my thoughts but it also confuses me some. In 4-1 it is stated that the pre-regulation circuit operates at approx. 35kHz and you say 15.5kHz so here is something wrong. Since it works as a PWM regulation the frequency should not be that much off pace. Ante ::)
  3. westlc01, Welcome to this forum. My first advices for a power supply will be; find one with adjustable current limit! This feature will save you a lot of agony and it also let you charge batteries. Next advice depends on how much you want to spend building it. Ante ::)
  4. Nanopoylos, Here is something for the output: Ante ::)
  5. Audioguru, On my Saab (50% GM) there is a thing called starter motor solenoid. This is a very big rely sitting directly on the body of the starter motor. The positive heavy gauge wire from the battery goes the this solenoid and another (not so heavy gauge wire) goes to the ignition key (between the front seats) carrying less then 1 A to control the solenoid (big rely) which carry 150
  6. AJB2K3, The heatsink will lose some of its efficiency if you paint it. A heatsink is never painted just anodized for efficiency reasons so don
  7. Harsh, No I have not tried it myself but it should work as far as I have seen from others. There can be a number of reasons why it did not work for you, sound card, operating system, other hardware or software on your computer. You did not describe what the problem was just
  8. For prototyping almost every chip today comes in a standard socket as well as in smd so it
  9. Audioguru, It works for me! Here it is in PDF. Ante ::) wiring_tech.pdf
  10. Blacksheep, Maybe your input signal is to weak? Ante ::)
  11. audioguru, I take a steady hand to solder these tiny legs. What link doesn
  12. blacksheep, Here is all you need ! http://sound.westhost.com/projects.htm Ante ::)
  13. Trafo, Well we have to come up with something NEW then. I
  14. Quantum, Have you checked the poles for any signs or manufacturers plate? If you can identify your
  15. Darrin, I did not insinuate that you are lazy, that was your own words. ;D ;D Here is more for your E-Book shelf! Ante ::) More_on_OP-Amps.zip
  16. Hacker, Are you a collector of old computers? Were do you live? I can send it to you if you pay for the shipping. Ante ::)
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