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  1. audioguru, I spend an average of 1h a day on the net but often in 15-20 min sessions. Do you mean that the blue stuff is no longer manufactured? :o I use it all the time and I have some stock left but not much. It
  2. audioguru, So you have time left to visit any other web site after your daily posting on this one? Ante ::)
  3. buttface, You can build it in many different ways. Here is an example with 6 LEDs. Ante ::)
  4. Xenbius, Congratulations, Now everything is perfect. Can I ask you how the PSU performs, what is the maximum current @ 30Volts without voltagedrop? Ante ::)
  5. Audioguru, With only one digital input I don
  6. Xenobius, No, all is not perfect. We wouldn
  7. Xenobius, Welcome to this community! Have you checked all connections and components for correct orientation and values? Ante ::)
  8. nabut, This is not exactly what you asked for but its the closest I have for you. Ante ::)
  9. Bob, I will try my best: The voltage drop over R2-1 (U=R*I) is amplified in U1 by a factor of 10. This factor is set by R1 and R2. The maximum current = 6A the resistance of R2-1 is 0.05R which gives 0.05 * 6 = 0.3 Volts. The output of U1 is 0.3 * 10 = 3 Volts. The reason for R2-2 is to raise the potential above ground to make the op-amp (U1) work better. Thus the output varies from 0 to 3Volts linear with the current 0
  10. audioguru, Is that 1Mbit or 1Mbyte download speed? Ante ::)
  11. This circuit does not require any mains current flow to indicate. Ante ::)
  12. Bob, Was this any help to your problem? Ante ::)
  13. Audioguru, Are you really using a 486 and a 2G hard drive? I have 600Mhz PIII and 80G and I constantly get bullied for it! Like
  14. Rhonn, I think this is a good one for you, a
  15. audioguru, Excuse me, can a triangle wave be linear? Ante ::)
  16. Rhonn, I will have a look in the files tonight, try to find a good one for you! ;D Ante ::)
  17. ante

    [OT]-Wierd virus

    Rhonn, What kind of anti virus software do you have? Ante ::)
  18. Rhonn, So now you are getting what you want then? Ante ::)
  19. Hi Rhonn, Do you want to build or by one? Ante ::)
  20. MD, http://www.mospec.com.tw/pdf/power/2N3441.pdf Ante ::)
  21. yourwinns, The BFR90 can be replaced with BFG90, BFQ28, BFR14, BFR49. The MC3403 with LM324 And the NTE112 is a TV UHF Mixer diode can be replaced with BA481 Ante ::)
  22. Rhonn, That was strange, can
  23. Bob, I have replaced your R2 with two resistors. The op-amp will (I hope) put out approx 3Volts when 6 A is passing through the
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