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  1. hi i want to make a robot which i can operate via computer that is i want to give command to robot through my computer any suggestions how i can go through it? should i use any antenna at serial or parallel port side? what could be the most easy way
  2. hi there i read ur project last year n it sounds interesting but right now i want to built it for my university project in my miond i want to control the cabin with a motor conected through gears n input to motor is given my power amplifier which is governed by microcontroller but how to impolement i'm confused can u plz help
  3. hello every one i don't know as much as many of good engg r here in this forum but the much i knoe is that the value of resistors n capacitors depends on the timing u want to select 4 ur timer wat u r not getting is that first as one of the fellow suggests go through it then connect it to ur digital ckt
  4. in this project for voice interface card can any one help mein getting its schemayic n then ful description of its working as in uni v hv to show each working arrangment of devices
  5. hi there it is a nice project n i do want to work onit i'm a novice n want to built a good project for my uni
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