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Lord Thathidge

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Hi peeps. :)

I am prsently studying a music technology degree course in Stafford, England and one of my study modules is basic electronics.

I have been scouring the internet for helpful sites but can find nothing to help me with details such as 'what does a comparator do?', what types of instruments are they used in and why etc etc.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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;D.... Surprisingly, a comparator compares voltage between two points. It is mostly realized by an operational amplifier because of its high amplifying coefficient (10^4 and more). As a result of this, when the voltage of inverting input of the amplifier is higher, the voltage on output is -supply voltage. Otherwise +supply voltage. But be carefull of the connection! (sorry for my english :P)

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There are two types of comparators. A voltage difference exists and the output goes either high or low depending on the polarity. The second comparator is a digital device. It compares two digital sequences that are weighted and outputs either a greater than, a less than, or an equal to. I think this is how it goes.

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