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transformer core

Kevin Weddle

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I am building a stepup autotransformer. I have been told that the solution to the core is to strip old transformers of their cores, glue them together, and use a cardboard form to wrap the magnet wire. This is from a culmination of advice. Does anybody have something to add to this? Also, the examples I have seen have a large area as opposed to just length.

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Thank you for the website. I noticed that the power flux density requires a relatively small area. The main problem is the laminated core. It looks like I will have to strip apart a transformer. I had something different in mind when it comes to the electrical characterstic too. My idea for the autotransformer was to measure the inductive reactance and not worry about the turns. You can see it this way easily with the stepdown.

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I think that would be a question for Jan, the author of the Transformer information in the Articles section of this site. I believe he has made the offer to help in another post somewhere on this forum. You can send him a message in this forum.


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