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author of the transformer article

Kevin Weddle

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I found your article very interesting and very in depth. I am not interested, at this point, in mass production. My question is about the electrical characteristic. My calculations involve inductive reactance rather than number of turns. What is going to be the drawback in my shortcuts to building the stepup autotransformer? Is there any wrapping that goes between the core and the winding?

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Kevin, when I mentioned that you might want to send a personal message to the author of the article, I was referring to the "instant message" feature. Click on his name in one of his posts and you will be able to send him a personal message from this site.


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It turns out that my autotransformer did not have enough reactance to keep the power outlet from blowing the fuse. I did, however, keep the windings intact. The inductor that it turned out to be is a good power inductor with a less than perfect equation. If anybody is curious I will explain a little further how I did it.

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