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Amplifier circuits

Kevin Weddle

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Does anybody happen to notice the wide array of amplifier circuits available. I am tempted by the IC selections but am wary of the configuration data. I don't like the idea of a circuit where the external components aren't dictated. I want to know what the components are doing and how this affects the operation of the IC. Does anybody have an amplifier circuit with good literature?

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I would not say the data sheets are clear. They tend to allow for many assumptions. Often they will show a test setup which is no good to the designer. They never show how the external RC fits into the schematic and how it will affect the gain and or bias. There are, I believe, key points that are left out. I like to Know how the transistors are used and I want to keep them all biased correctly. Even a change in expected gain will take the bias into unknown reaches. And this affects every subsequent transistor gain.

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ok, I apologize. I should have said they are clear to me. Not everyone is as familiar with data sheets as others, so I can see where there might be some confusion even after looking up the data sheet. Still, the manufacturer will give you technical support. All you have to do is ask.


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I know that I am a little overwhelmed when it comes to the data on data sheets. They deal largely with external testing of the device. This is the way to go, but the schematic itself is left to guessing. I do find graphs useful when looking at it from an external testing perspective. I just wish they were a little specific in their application. For example, they could just deal with one application rather than bombard you from every angle. I suppose you are just left to take from the extensive graphs what you need. My advice to the manufacturers would be to narrow the parameters. Why operate a device at 1 gigaherts just because they have data on it?

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