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Digital radar speedometer

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Just a quick look, but it looks like two sets of 7404 setup as oscillators. One is flashing the laser diode and the other is "anded" with the return signal, then this is processed and a calculation is made of the difference.
Not much, but hope it helps.


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Radar is a bit out of my area of knowledge, but it seems like any reflection of the laser would cause you to lose accuracy when the signal bounces back. From the description in the project, it will only be accurate if you are directly in front of the object and it is moving toward you.
I found an application note on oscillators here:
Lots of info and the formula is also there. Hope it is helpful.

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Anyone knows any other radar or lidar speedometer?
I only found this one


Ramsey SG7 is the same....

parts searching is becoming a great problem for me..... Don't know if 1SS99 and NE021 are easily available......

What will be the effect if 74AS is not used in the "Digital Radar Speedometer" ? Why this crkt has been left as it is ?Why not corrected?


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I don't think that the circuit works with its photodiode backwards and without an amplifier.


like this?
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