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The BUZ10 and BUZ11 are rated for only 50V, and 75W.
The 30A BUZ11 is good for a very simple inverter. 300W would be easy from a single pair, directly driven from a 4047. Newer MOSFETs having a higher current rating (with better thermal conductivity) would operate cooler and allow more output.

If you simply replace your resistor and zener with a pot to make the output voltage adjustable, then the transistor's base current will fry the pot.
But maybe a darlington transistor will work.

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I see, you have problems getting components at your place. To find a suitable MOSFET for this purpose I would look in an old PC PSU if you can get your hands on one. Or if you want to have a bipolar BUV 90 is a good choice, common in old TV sets.

Ante ::)

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