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environmental test chambers

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Hi there,

Im doing a research project regarding testing a system in a controlled environment. I am using an environmental test chamber.

I dont know how the thing works?

Has anyone got any information regarding this. Any Datasheets, manuals or anything explaining to me how the thing works.


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unfortunately, all chambers are built differently. You should try to find the manual for the one you will be using. Mine uses a keypad input where I have several set points with hold times. I can set several different temperature levels and ramp up or down over a specified period of time.
Perhaps if you can get the make and model of the one you will use, you can find a manual on the web.


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I use a hot and cold chamber at work. It is very circumspect as to what is being accomplished. I have seen test setups on interviews that use pure digital logic and wonder how effective the results will be. I have come to the conclusion that the temperature affects the metal all over the circuit and that you could catch hardware problems this way. I am opposed to the digital testing though because of what is being caught by the temperature. It seems they are catching things that would have nothing to do with temperature. If you really wanted to catch what affect the temperature has on a circuit, you would use other measurement besides the hardy digital logic levels.

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