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detect broken wire without removing the rubber

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we have a electronic design project in school and i can't think of anything that is low-cost and something unique...

well, i think be able to detect a where in part of the cable is the broken wire is quite useful. Is there any way to do this? I'm thinking of using something like X-ray or maybe an ultrasonic waves to detect the broken wire.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. ;)

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Welcome to our forum.
If you can make a broken wire that carries current to a load like a light bulb become intermittent by bending, pushing the break together and pulling it apart so that the light bulb flashes, then the break location can be detected with an AM radio that is tuned between stations at the low end of its frequency dial. The radio will make static noises when it is near the intermittent break.

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Keile, Audioguru,

How about using high voltage, then a spark will jump the break. A spark is easier to detect and no need to jerk the cable. This will of curse be lethal to any circuits connected to the cable but if you disconnect both ends before the test, why not?

Ante ::)

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