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Frequency generator to shut off street lights.


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I read across a few posts here and maybe I'm Missing Something, But ...

Even If you were able to tamper with the photocell (On/Off), I believe you would have to keep a constant feed of transmission signal on it, or it would simply return to it's original state once your mechanism is withdrawn from it... So you would have to keep turning it on or off I believe ... Just my 2 cents.. ;)

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Mhz, to reply to your poundering, we haven't talked about that. My thought to that is I would attach it to a stand, and change the laser so it is always at a costant output (duck-tape).
For all whom are intresting in my idea, I finally got my laser pointer from Ebay. And yes, I tried it, but it did not work. I think my studying and tinkering of the street light helped. As so, whenever the light turns on, it is overwhelming compared to the laser pointer. So, I wait when the light is barely just turning on and point (click) the laser.
The laser specification says the wavelength is 630 to 680, so it could be too much wavelength output.
I haven't given up hope, something has to turn it on.

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quantum, this may sound a bit out of place and close to impossible, but I believe one option would be 'Reflection', The problem would be getting the set position for the reflection.. If you could manage to get a reflection to reflect back to the Photosensor, then you could use a narrow beam yard lamp to reflect up the pole and in turn trigger the photosensor.. of coarse the yard light would need to be on your property and positioned in a way that it doesnt disturb much except up to the reflector. The hardest part would probably be getting the reflector in place.... Just a Thought..

Maybe I'm ahead myself.. Correct me.. The operation of photosensory may not work with direct lamp light.. Not Sure.

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sorry it took so long for my reply here quantum, just got back...

What I mean is, try to have your light source focused so that it isn't too wide a projection.. In other words, you could possibly get a lenz attached to a circular black cup housing and attach it to the top of your light source... This way the light would be more concentrated on your reflective object only...

Lets assume my photon theory is incorrect, and reflected light will change the photosensor's state, then if your quest for laser solutions fail, I believe this would be your next best approach... but who knows..

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I may have a solution. the scientific name for it is (throwrocksrunfast) ;D. Maybe a camera flash, if you could in case the flash unit in mirrors to direct it to the focus lens, as is used for the laser. Of course you would need to make it flash rapidly, or use multiple flash units and make them flash one after the other. This would probably be a real pain to put together. Just an idea. Maybe you'll need several lasers to intensify the beam.

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Quantum, focusing the source does not increase its intensity at all on first place. It's the same to say that just that you put a lenses in front of your lamp it makes it more powerful (since power increases with the intensity doing the same). The intensity of your source will remain the same unless you use more than one source. Semiconductor LASERs work in switching mode usually - there is an integrated small circuit on the board that is some sort of impulse generator (multivibrator or so...). I have read some time ago that the output intensity of the LASER LED can be increased dramatically with appropriate switching and higher input current. This however, causes it to live shorter due to the increased temperature on the PN junction. Focusing the light increases the intensity on given area. However, in your case the LASER LED is already focused by the built in the pointer lense - this is why it's beam shaped. I doubt you can focus it better than it already is. ::)

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