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  1. i just had a heck of a time retriving/changing my password maybe it should be fixed ? others probably would have given up the problem was the link in the email sent to my address was not complete ie the underlined part only covered part of the whole link , thus when clicked on it sent me back to the same page that i requested the change from.
  2. J-type thermocouple Definition: A thermocouple best suited for measurements in the 0 to 480 degree © range. The positive conductor is made of iron, and the negative conductor is made of constantan. May i put my two cents in here ? mrtrhs, how about a radioshack thermistor? i realize that you may not have a "shack" around the corner ,but the thermistor ,in my opinion , is the way to go. You could set up a voltage divider using 5V as a supply voltage. Just a suggestion.. ;D Oh ... What temperature range are u thinking of measuring?
  3. I dunno Ante thats what it says.. ??? ??? http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/rf/001/index.html
  4. From your origional posted picture.. yeah i'd say they are loosly wound.
  5. i believe this should read 75 "ohms' not watts.. so u should just take the center conductor out of a coax cable, and wrap it around a 7mm diameter rod and u are good to go. i am not sure if u can substitute a 2n2222 for the 2n2219 transistor. i am sure somone else will know that.
  6. I hear ya . Nothing wrong with that .!!. ;)
  7. have you ever heard of a USB drive ? pretty neat little packages.. http://www.usbmall.com/products/viewitem.asp?idProduct=203&linkid=2
  8. quantum , what didnt work the laser? or trying to turn off the street light.
  9. 1980 vintage catalytic converters had platinum in them No ?..
  10. has anyone seen this site while we are on the subject of alternative fuels. www.geobacter.org this guy uses microbes to generate electricity
  11. all parts can be gotten at radio shack.. PART LIST 1) Thermistor 1) LM339 Quad Comparitor 1) IFR 510 Mosfet transistor N channel 1) 10K varible resistor 1) 10K resistor 2)330K resistors 1)2.2K resistor
  12. i decided to try a comaprator .. the LM339 quad comparator.. and it worked *yay*.. and is working as we speek.
  13. http://www.amasci.com/freenrg/bedini.txt :)
  14. this is a useful graphing program i use http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/line.asp
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