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Dose your LCD rolls?


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Okey i has one 89C52 based project which measures displacement by using an incremental rotary encoder & displays it on 16X2 Alphanumeric LCD. I purchased a 230V -> 5V SMPS to power this thing. And guess what the LCD started rolling :o I replaced the SMPS by trusted X'mer & 7805 & everything was okey. But as soon as i used SMPS the LCD starts rolling. I put a 100uF filtering capacitor near the power connector & 0.1uf ceramic capacitors on all IC's but no avail. Can anybody explain this ???

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suraj, have you tried 0.01 uf? This is a high frequency ripple problem. The larger the cap, the lower the frequency.
Another thing to check is did you ground the unused pins of the display? Also try adding a small cap across the 5 volt buss on the display as close to the chips on it as possible.
How often does your display update? A fast refresh seems to add to the problem in some cases.


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