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RS232 to I2C/SPI

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thanks Suraj,

But those programmers are using parallel port instead of serial port.
I also come to some parallel-to-I2C circuits, with complete source code.
May be I have to use an MCU to translate the serial data to I2C/SPI.
Anyway, thanks for advice.
I will post something out once I got some progress.

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Atleast visit the sites posted. The JDM programmer uses serial port only & though Ponyprog used Parallel port in an early revision, it is using serial port now & source code for linux is available. There are multitude of programmers out there which do the programming using serial port for PIC or AVR you can use any one of them as referance. They don't use the TxD & RxD lines anyway but directly modify hardware registers to generate necessary waveforms on other pins (like DTR). Anyway if you want to use a microcontroller go for an 8 pin PIC or AVR. This is a perfect application for such a microcontroller.

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