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:)dazza ive had problems with the lack of parts at dicksmiths, i go there and many parts draws were empty, and there exscuse was there discontiniueing may parts, the second exscuse was there replaceing them with up to date parts, and that hasent happened yet, and acording to the guys at dicksmiths the public has been complaining because every time they come in for parts they havent got any in , even the 1k at 1/4 watt resister is gone and there still selling the blue colour one, so it looks like dicksmiths will end up like tandy electronics , a boaring electrical good seller and not an inspireing electronics parts seller

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Hi Steven,
a miracle just happened, Dick Smith has released their new catalogue :o, I got a copy with silicon chip magazine. Their electronic component selection is a sad sight, I don't know if it is a mistake but there is no listing for voltage regulators. I hope Jaycar comes to town soon.

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