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I need a suitable replacement(BF245A)


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I found a cross-reference page that was last updated back in 96, and listed these two as a cross-reference.
(2N5457) (MPF102) both are available to me locally, well Dick Smith has a listing for them in their catalogue, which usually means there is a chance that they will have them.

Does anyone have any idea, if either of these may work.

Thank you :).

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Hi Ante,
you know I didn't even look at the schematics when I decided to finish this project, if I did I would have realised ::). I had most of the components and the etched PCB in a plastic bag, awaiting till I learn more of electronics to finish it. I just when ahead putting it together using the component overlay. I didn't even consider that I could solve the problem myself now, I sure can be thick sometimes ;D;D.

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