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Great detective work Zeppelin!
I have got that one; unfortunately I am done uploading so we have to find a link for it. I can’t even post a picture just plain text and I can’t understand why this book has been deleted from the community in the first place!? I can not send it by mail since its 16Mb!

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The title of the book is "Getting Started in Electronics" by Forrest M. Mims.  I own the book and I think it is probably what got me started in electronics.  I would be glad to host it so everyone can get a copy of it, but I am slightly worried about copyright law.  Perhaps if I put it in a zip file with a password on it?  Then I'll post the password here so only people here can get it, and I won't get sued.  Does everyone here either have Winzip, or windows XP to open it?

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