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[ARTICLE] How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack


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This is a good deal to rebuild packs like this. If you can find cells in the correct size and shape for a nice prize it is a descent paid job to it yourself. I have done some for laptops, coreless drills and video cameras and so far with a good result. All it takes is a steady hand and lots of patience and you are home free. It

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Guest Kasamiko

I was surprised to knew that few tech are doing this.. :o
Since we used to do it in my shop..almost everything that runs on rechargable batteries, mostly 2-way radios, cordless tools, some models of cellphone, rechargable flashlights and emergency lights..etc..
We used to rebuild it..Even TRUCK batteries!! 8)

rhonn ;) ;)

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Guest Kasamiko

He, he.
Yeah, those electric trucks have huge batteries!

No wonder..I used this huge batteries to power my APC Back-UPS and inverter for weeks.. ;D

rhonn ;) ;)
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How much would you have to pay a mechanic to "rebuild" the hundreds of Ni-MH cells in a new Toyota Prius hybrid gasoline/electric car? It would probably take him days to replace them all, and how much cost for each cell? Instead of paying mechanic's charges, it is cheaper to buy a whole new car.

"Up the mountain we go, my whole family and luggage in our new hybrid car. Oops, the battery has run out, but we can continue up in 1st gear." He, he.
It reminds me about my very 1st car. Its gas guage kept getting stuck, but was always OK when I took it to get fixed. I drove that car quite far on its starter motor each time it ran out of gas!
People who see a Prius creeping up the mountain in 1st gear must think it is running on its starter motor. Hey! Its electric motor is its starter motor and maybe it ran out of gas! ;D ;D

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Guest martin_i

Nice. This is excellent. I have exactly the same battery as the one in the article. ;)
I also have 6 cells from all-electronics.com here.
I woke up today with a question. Does anyone know how the second battery for Lifebook S-45xx is built?
It would be really nice to get a used 2nd battery and rebuild that to!!!

Thanks for a great article.

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Thanks for the step by step guide. I followed it and managed to assemble a new battery for my asus laptop. Only problem is that it will not take a charge  ;D.

The charging light goes on for about 10 seconds then goes off again.

The battery indicator in windows says that the battery is fully charged but a ssoon as I disconnect the power supply the laptop goes off!

Any ideas on what needs to be done?



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