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Hi Loveguru,
I never built an Electronic Stethoscope. I just fixed the original defective project and called it version 2.
I did test a biased electret microphone with a shielded cable to an LM386 that had its gain boosted with a capacitor, and heard my heart (and the TV in the next room and my dog barking outside) very well. Since my test didn't have the precision low-pass filter from the project, I had those background sounds.
You must plan the Veroboard or PCB yourself. The circuit is fairly simple.
The length of the mic's shielded cable doesn't matter.

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Hi Ante,
If it has copper strips on one side and its perforated, I'll use it even if it's made from dung, until I find a sweeter-smelling one!
I know! You know those vacuum thingys that take away smoke from soldering irons? One of those might take away the stink.
They use dung for fuel over there. How can they breath? ;D

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