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Sumit Saraogi

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I work around robots all the time. The code seems very high level. Which means there is a lot more slack in the system. I would even say they are easy to build. I think what helps is that since the robots are typically slow compared with processor speeds, the real time function is easy to achieve. In fact many robots can work without a real servo system. They can rely on external inputs from sensors.

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Hi Trigger

    Thanks for the info.
    Just let me know from where to start off for the project.
    I mean there has to be good knowledge of components to be used ( electronic & mechanical)

    I am thinking of starting of firstly for making amoition control proram. Also I don't have much knowledge about Mechanical engg , will that be a problem. 

what is the estimated cost of a College project on Robotics.
have u ever worked on one

thanks again

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