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High precision voltage regulator


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LM138 supposed to have 0.0 - 0.2% diffirence with a worst case max 0.4

duno any other , however the bigger capacitor you add to input the more accurate output it gives ...

btw how can a circuit be so strict in power suply ?
most components are not so acurate anyway ?
it is a reference voltage ?

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Hi Dody,
You don't give any details about what you want and why, so you have few replies.
1) What are you measuring and why doesn't it have its own regulation like an audio amplifier?
2) Line regulation?
3) Load regulation?
3) Ripple rejection?
Just a short piece of wire will drop more than only 2mV if it has any current in it.
A half-wave rectifier and a tiny filter cap will produce too much ripple voltage.

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