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Cleaning the CCD sensor of a digital camera


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I`ve got a problem with my digital camera and It really freaks me out when I see that the photos are miserable and scruffy.  ;D

  So let me explain you the real problem.
A month ago I realised that when I shoot a picture and then I view it on my PC I see two spots on the picture. The first spot (the big one) looks like a very small fine hair, so I thought that there is dirt on the lens I cleaned the lens but this didn`t help then I searched in the net about that and I soon realised that there is dirt on the CCD sensor of the camera. I understood that this is a common problem in new cameras. I found sites which explain how to clean your sensor but I`m not sure that I can do that with home tools. Have you ever had such a problem?

Look down at these links maybe you`ll understand better what I mean  :o


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Hi Ante, Trigger

I have opened my camera I even dismounted the lens and when I saw that I`m inexperienced working with optical devices such as object-glass, lens etc.... I pieced it together again. I went to the local service and he told me that he can`t do anything with my camera because he hasn`t got the proper tools. I think that I can do it myself, I`ll try blowing with a pump on it first. I won`t even think to wipe the dust because I`m sure that I`ll scruff it more.

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hi dido!
i too have an experience with propanol,
not only digital camera,u can use it for cleaning tape recorder and VCR heads,almost all electronic systems.Even if you dont get it easily,i guess any volatile liquid will do the job like ethanol,petrol,ether.Mind you, i have my personal experience with propanol and anaesthetic agent ether(i got it from a doctor for cleaning my VCR head)
dont be afraid and go ahead with propanol .Dont forget to tell me the results!!!

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I opened my camera but I haven`t tried propanol I tried blowing on it ant it worked now I haven`t got any problems at all but I am stiill not sure about propanol. I think that it is suitable for heads or other devices but it is not suitable for optics and optical devices. ??? ??? ???

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